The new CHAUVET DJ Gig Bar makes creating dynamic light shows easier and more convenient than ever before. Get your taste buds tingling with this sneak peek at The CHAUVET DJ Gig Bar – power in a pack-and-go package.

The CHAUVET DJ Gig Bar IRC combines 4 essential lighting fixtures mounted onto a single control bar. The 4-in-1 Gig Bar maximizes convenience and ease of set-up and take-down for mobile entertainers who want to create a dynamic lighting experience for any event. The system includes a pair of LED Derby-style effect lights, a pair of LED pars, a laser and a strobe effect. Get in and out quickly with the included tripod, footswitch controller, IRC remote and carry bags. The Gig Bar IRC features phenomenal built-in automated and sound-activated programs that include all 4 effects to make one complete show.Easily control the Gig Bar IRC from the display, IRC-6 remote control, wireless footswitch or DMX to take your gig to a higher level. Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units.

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Disc Jockey News – November 16, 2014

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#CHAUVETDJ’s Battery-Powered EZwash Hex IRC With 6-in-1 LEDs Is Perfect Match For Colorizing Tabletops, Wedding Cakes & More

Setting The Table
CHAUVET DJ’s Battery-Powered EZwash Hex IRC With 6-in-1 LEDs Is Perfect Match For Colorizing Tabletops, Wedding Cakes & More

Casting a glowing wash of color onto tables, centerpieces, cakes and other artifacts can make any event seem more special — and now it’s easier than ever to illuminate such small but important focal points, thanks to CHAUVET DJ’s new EZwash Hex IRC. This self-contained mini LED colorwash fixture is compact enough to fit virtually anywhere, and it can be set up in seconds because it runs on its own built-in battery, no power cords required.

EZ Wash Hex IRCThe EZwash Hex IRC will always provide just the right color for any décor or event, too, because it utilizes versatile 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs. Each unit’s illumination source is comprised of red, green, blue, amber, white and ultraviolet diodes, all combined into one bright 10-watt LED. This makes it possible to blend any desired hue and achieve even the most subtle color nuances — from bold jeweltones to soft pastels, stark whites to buttery creams, and even shimmering iridescent shades with the addition of UV light.

Along with the convenience of battery operation, the EZwash Hex IRC offers the option of wireless control. It’s compatible with CHAUVET DJ’s IRC-6 wireless infrared remote controller (sold separately), which gives users the ability to blend colors and execute other commands from distances up to 30 feet (9M) – for total “no strings” operation.

“With the EZwash Hex IRC, you can give any wedding, party or special event a distinctive, elegant ambience by highlighting tabletops, food, art objects and other small areas with a wash of color that perfectly complements the overall theme or décor,” said Rick Peeples, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “Such ‘table-spotting’ displays are becoming a big visual trend at events of all types today, and the EZwash Hex IRC makes it easy for DJs, emcees and entertainers to provide this professional look to their clients.

“The fixture can create a limitless palette of colors, thanks to its 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs,” added Peeples, “yet it fits into very small spaces. Plus, because it’s battery-operated and can be controlled with an optional IR wireless remote, it gives you complete freedom from the burden and unsightliness of cords. This is one light that every DJ and mobile entertainer should have in their toolchest.”

Bright and powerful for its small size, the EZwash Hex IRC emits an illuminance of 270 lux at 2 meters, ensuring it will be an eye-catching enhancement at any event. It features a beam angle of 22°, and includes a variable (0-20Hz) strobe effect.

With a battery run time of up to 6 hours, the EZwash Hex IRC will shine its colors throughout the evening’s festivities. Its battery then can be re-charged within 4 hours. The unit can also run on external power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Along with its cordless battery operation, another feature that makes the EZwash Hex IRC easy to set up is a magnetic base on its case, which affixes to most metal surfaces, eliminating the need for clamps. The fixture also includes a scissor clip with eye loop that can be quickly and easily attached to drop ceiling supports for overhead mounting. Each EZwash Hex IRC fixture measures just 5.4 x 2.9 x 7.1 inches (136 x 73 x 182 mm) and weighs 1.6 pounds (0.8 kg).

In addition to offering individual units, CHAUVET DJ is making the EZwash Hex IRC available in a convenient multi-fixture EZwash Hex Pack. This cost-saving package bundles 4 x EZwash Hex IRC units, 1 x IRC-6 wireless remote and 1 x multi-charger into an easy-to-transport VIP Gear Bag. Ideal for mobile use, the entire package, including the bag, weighs just 7 pounds (3.2 kg).

#CHAUVETDJ Adds Punch To NYC’s Pier of Fear Halloween EDM Festival

CHAUVET Adds Punch To NYC’s Pier of Fear Halloween EDM Festival

Manhattan’s Pier 94 has seen a lot of history pass through its 135,000 square feet of space since it opened in 1935 as an ocean liner terminal, but it’s doubtful that this venerable structure, which was later remodeled as an exhibition center, has ever witnessed anything quite like the Pier of Fear. Now in its third year, the two-day festival served up a spectacular Halloween treat for New York’s EDM fans with a stellar lineup of DJs, a colorful array of costumes that were definitely not picked up at Wal-Mart, and a brain tingling lightshow anchored by Next NXT-1 and Legend 330SR Spot fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Pier of Fear1KM Productions of Hicksville, NY set up the lighting rig for the Halloween festival, which is put on by RPM Presents (New York). “This is a major event on the EDM calendar,” said Kevin Mignone, president of KM Productions. “It’s very DJ centric with performers like Knife Party, Adventure Club and Nicky Romero on stage, so our lighting designer Mike Gionfriddo and I wanted a fixture that could really add extra punch to the DJ booth, especially at a long setting like Pier 94.”

The punch Mignone and Gionfriddo were looking for was provided by 13 Next NXT-1 fixtures, which flanked the elevated center stage DJ booth, in addition to being positioned below it on trussing. A moving head panel with 25 pixel-mappable Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, the Next NXT-1 has the intensity to cut through haze and the light from other fixtures, a quality that helped it draw attention to the Pier of Feat DJ booth.

Pier of Fear2“Everyone was impressed with the forceful visual impact of the NXT-1,” said Mignone. “Mike and I also loved the eye candy qualities that resulted from its bright colors and lightning quick movements. It was an ideal effect to keep up visually with the intense music on stage.”

The Pier of Fear lighting rig, which was controlled by a full-size grandMA2, also included 24 Legend 330SR Spot fixtures. Quick and agile with an extremely bright output of 62,200 lux at 5 meters, the Legend fixtures were used as the primary spot fixture over the stage.

“The Legend 330SR Spots were the workhorses of the rig, hitting the stage from every conceivable angle and engaging everyone in the audience regardless of where they were on the pier,” said Mignone. “We were totally impressed with these Legends. They were smaller and lighter than the big name moving spots we used in the past, but they were equally functional. The fact that they were more compact made them a lot easier to set up.”

As befits a Halloween festival in “the city that never sleeps,” Pier of Fear went on until four in the morning. (The event’s first performance started at 8 pm.) Even with dawn rapidly approaching, the big crowd at the historic pier was still ready to party on – so too were the CHAUVET Professional fixtures.

CHAUVET DJ’s Funfetti™ Confetti Launcher Makes Any Event A Blast – No CO2 Required #chauvetdj

Party Propeller!

CHAUVET DJ’s Funfetti™ Confetti Launcher Makes Any Event A Blast – No CO2 Required

Nothing says FUN at a party or event more than a shower of confetti streaming down on a crowd or stage. Now it’s easy for DJs, entertainers and performers to add this festive effect anywhere in seconds with the Funfetti™ confetti launcher from CHAUVET DJ.

CHAUVETFunfettiA wirelessly controllable professional confetti launcher, the Funfetti is ideal for weddings, concerts, parties, holiday celebrations and special events of all types. Unlike many confetti launchers, it does not require CO₂or compressed air to run – just add confetti. With no need for special propulsion substances, the Funfetti can be used safely and easily virtually anywhere. Compact in size, it can be set up and operated by a solo entertainer, making it a great way to add an exclamation point to your next event.

Although lightweight and easy to use, the Funfetti blasts out a torrent of confetti that can cover an area as large as 540 square feet (50M²). It has a throw distance up to 30 feet (9M) and its powerful bursts last as long as 25 seconds each, filling up events and venues with a hailstorm of glitter.

“Breaking out the confetti is an instant way to ramp-up the fun factor at any party or event,” said Nick Airriess, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ. “With holiday parties and New Year’s Eve rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to add a confetti launcher to your repertoire of effects.

“Of course, confetti is an effect you’ll use year round in so many ways,” added Airriess, “at weddings and celebrations of all types, to cap off an evening at a dance club, or to add excitement to a concert or performance. Confetti is a great ‘extra’ you can offer to your clients that will give your show added sparkle. And because the Funfetti is so easy to operate and doesn’t require CO₂, you can bring it out anywhere, even places like banquet halls and private parties.”

The Funfetti works with most types of confetti, and CHAUVET DJ offers three control options to meet a variety of user needs: manual, wireless remote or DMX. Simple manual control is provided via a convenient display on the rear of the unit. Additionally, the Funfetti comes with its own handheld wireless remote, allowing it to be operated from a DJ booth, backstage or any location up to 100 feet (30.5M) away. The Funfetti can also be integrated into your lightshow via DMX operation; it features 3-pin XLR connectors and runs on one DMX channel.

Perfect for mobile use, the Funfetti is lightweight and easily portable at just 13.6 pounds (6.2 kg) and 11.2 x 9 x 21.8 Inches (284 x 228 x 553 mm). It includes a versatile double-bracketed yoke for easy floor mounting or hanging from truss. For protection during storage and travel, the Chauvet CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag is a perfect fit.



The new CHAUVET DJ Gig Bar makes creating dynamic light shows easier and more convenient than ever before. Get your taste buds tingling with this sneak peek at The CHAUVET DJ Gig Bar – power in a pack-and-go package.
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Rewind Report with Michael Joseph episode 10 Androids, Traktors and Monsters O MY #DJNTV

The Rewind Report with Michael Joseph episode 10 Androids, Traktors and Monsters O MY #DJNTV

The Rewind Report with Michael Joseph episode 10 Androids, Traktors and Monsters O MY

In this episode: Michael looks at DJay for Android, Traktor update, Chauvet EZ Gobo, ADJ Monster Fun Light.
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Chauvet FlareCON Part 1: By Jamie Bodie #Chauvetdj #flareCON

Chauvet FlareCON Part 1: By Jamie Bodie #Chauvetdj #flareCON

Chaubet FlareCON Air
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#CHAUVETDJ Thursday Vids: Women in the DJ Business

#CHAUVETDJ Thursday Vids: Women in the DJ Business

The DJ business has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Thankfully that’s changing as more and more female DJs and entertainment company owners contribute their much-needed perspective and talent to the DJ business. In this episode of Thursday Vids, Geoff explores some thoughts on why that is. Because, as he says in this video, a business without women in it, is no business at all.

Intimidator Wave IRC by #CHAUVETDJ

Intimidator Wave IRC by #CHAUVETDJ

The Intimidator™ Wave IRC is a magnificent moving light array with 5 independently controlled heads that project narrow, razor-sharp beams of lights. Each moving head has a bright quad-color LED for infinite color-mixing capabilities. The Intimidator™ Wave IRC can be operated with the control panel, or the optional CHAUVET® IRC-6 remote control. Up to 4 Intimidator™ Wave IRC lights can be linked together as one to create stunning coordinated effects. For even more pizazz use a CHAUVET® DMX controller!…

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