Industry veteran brings a wealth of DJ expertise to new role as Numark Director of Marketing.

inMusic (, home of industry- leading music and audio technology brands, is pleased to announce the appointment of Karl Detken as the Numark Director of Marketing. In this new role, Detken will be responsible for driving the company’s marketing strategy; increasing uptake of products in key markets; and refining the company’s communication strategy, product marketing, and customer messaging initiatives.

Karl_DetkenWith more than 40 years of personal experience as a DJ, producer, and musician, Detken has spent the last two decades immersed in the world of DJ and pro-audio product design, development, and marketing. In particular, his expertise in product marketing, artist relations, and social media branding have contributed to a long track record of successfully driving business for brands like Pioneer DJ, Chauvet, and V-Moda.

“I’m personally excited to bring Karl aboard to drive our marketing initiatives for Numark,” says Jack O’Donnell, owner and CEO, inMusic. “His knowledge and experience in the DJ market are formidable and will allow us to introduce an even broader audience to our product line.”

Chauvet Professional Nexus Selected By Peter Greenbaum For Today Show’s Toyota Concert Series

Performers often win new fans when they appear on NBC’s Today Show. Sometimes high-output LED panels do too. Such was the case recently when the Nexus 4 x 4 panel from CHAUVET Professional was used for superstar Mariah Carey’s performance on the Today Show.

Pete GreenbaumLighting designer Peter Greenbaum was planning on running halogen panels, when Drew DeCorleto, director of lighting production at World Stage (New York), asked him to consider the Nexus 4 x 4 LED panels instead. “On Drew’s recommendation I tried the Nexus and was very pleased,” said Greenbaum, who is now using the Nexus 4 x 4 throughout the Today Show’s Toyota Concert Series. “My programmer, assistant LD Brian Davis, is also having a lot of fun with them.”

In addition to being the lead lighting director for the Today Show, Greenbaum, (Illumination By Design, NY), has worked on some of the most notable televised concerts in memory. His extensive experience creating set lighting designs for televised concerts, including the critically acclaimed HBO Reverb series and VH-1 Live, gave him extra appreciation for the “camera friendly” features of the Nexus panels.

“As a set element, the Nexus panels give me one more tool for creating fun and exciting looks, not to mention they also give the camera more focal points for composing better shots,” he said. “This is still very much television. We have a varied list of performers this summer so hopefully I can create a bunch of varied looks with the Nexus.”

Marking the start of the Toyota Concert Series on Today, the Mariah Carey performance took place outdoors at the TODAY plaza in Rockefeller Center between 48th and 49th Streets. This setting, with its high level of ambient light, made the intense brightness and vivid color rendering of the Nexus panels extremely important.

“I am very pleased with the Nexus panels,” said Greenbaum, who ran 12 of the units across his stage. “I think they look great on air. We will be featuring them in most of our summer concert series. Right now I’ve only used them lining the deck, but I plan to line the upright truss supports with them vertically, time permitting. They are in three of the four packages we’re offering the artists.”

Based on Greenbaum’s experience, it’s safe to assume that the Nexus 4 x 4 panel will not only be included in televised concerts and performances “today,” but well into the future as well.

Alternative uses for your lighting fixtures Shop Time: By Jeremy Brech #jeremybrech #djjer #shoptime

Using your current dj lighting fixtures to create different effects at your events. All fixtures have alternative uses to create different designs.

Chauvet DJ Gobo Shot 50W IRC Alternative use Shop Time: By Jeremy Brech #shoptime #jeremybrech

The Gobo Shot 50W LED IRC is one of the most amazing gobo projectors on the market. It has rotating gobo, remote, focus, and color gel slot. But imagine using the fixture as an up-light. This video will show you the dynamics of the lighting fixture.

Using 6 Freedoms to create big results Shop Time: By Jeremy Brech #djjer #shoptime @chauvetdj

Using 6 Freedoms to create big results Shop Time: By Jeremy Brech #djjer #shoptime @chauvetdj

Using the proper fixtures creates the best effect. Fixture placement and wireless DMX is a must when creating an easy setup and a fun party. The head table has 6 Freedom Pars and then two freedom pars towards the back of the dance floor creates a fun club experience for weddings. Chauvet DJ Freedom RGBA fixtures for the application.

Chauvet ShowXpress Dongle comparisons: by Jeremy Brech #DJJer #ShopTime

Chauvet ShowXpress Dongle comparisons: by Jeremy Brech #DJJer #ShopTime

There are 3 different types of Chauvet ShowXPress dongles that can be used to run your DMX lighting. Shop Time w/ DJ Jer compares the ShowXpress 100, ShowXpress 512, and ShowXPress 512 Plus and talks about the advantages and disadvantages or each unit. Find out which system is best for you!

Wednesday Night #DJNTV with Jeremy Brech Talking Outdoor Lighting Ideas #djjer #djgear

Wednesday Night #DJNTV with Jeremy Brech Talking Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Talking Ip rated lighting, outdoor uses, outdoor weddings… great stuff!!

Glow Totem Alternative Use from Chauvet DJ at Shop Time: By Jeremy Brech #shoptime #chauvetdj

Flexibility uses on the new Chauvet DJ Glow Totem and the alternate use for using the system for monograms and mounting. This will allow you to eliminate trip hazards with tripods.

CHAUVET® DJ ACADEMY INTRODUCES “EXPERT” LEVEL COURSES #chauvetdj #chauvetprofessional #chauvetdjacademy

CHAUVET DJ continues to take DJ education to new heights by adding five courses to its CHAUVET DJ Academy online video learning program. The five new courses make up the Expert Level of the Chauvet DJ Academy. “Our expert level material is intended to build on the lessons covered in our earlier courses so DJs who have been participating in the Chauvet DJ Academy can continue to perfect their performances and build their careers,” said Geoff Short, producer and host of the learning program.

Chauvet DJ Academy

Chauvet DJ Academy

The Chauvet DJ Academy Expert Level program features courses in ShowXpress™ Software, Power Management for DJs, Using Audio Speakers, Working With Other Vendors, and Identifying Special Event Moments To Increase Revenues.
Launched in October 2013, Chauvet DJ Academy is a comprehensive online learning program that includes Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and now Expert Levels. DJs who register for the free educational series, watch video lessons, take quizzes and earn Chauvet DJ swag.
Encouraged by the success of the Chauvet DJ Academy, the company plans to continue expanding the program in the future. “As DJs, we love to learn more and more about our craft,” said Short. “Education will always be an important part of what we do at Chauvet DJ, which is why we’re so excited to launch this new level of the Chauvet DJ Academy. We’re confident that DJs will find a lot of value in these new lessons”.
Users can log on to Chauvet DJ Academy at Registration is free and existing users can log on and continue watching lessons from where they left off.

Atmospheric Effects Chauvet DJ Shop Time: By Jeremy Brech #shoptime #jeremybrech

Different atmospheric effects and how to make money off of them with rentals. Chauvet DJ Hurricane 2D, Chavuet Flex 2100, Chauvet Nimbus, Chauvet Arena Hazer, etc. can give you revenue through rentals and at your events.

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